Photography FAQ

Frequently asked questions

There may be questions that you want asking but forget to on the day, or things that you haven’t thought of up to this point. This page may help you.

What if it’s raining?

Before the day of the ceremony, I will check out the venue for your wedding and always look for areas undercover where I can do any formal shots required. As I am a professional photographer, I have the confidence and ability to shoot in all weather conditions and light scenarios. I have yet to shoot a wedding where it has rained ALL day. You can normally work round the weather in some way or another. If the weather conditions do not allow for your portraits to be done as imagined, you do have the option to book a post wedding session to capture planned images another day.

Will you do shots of the bride getting ready? Will you stay for the evening reception?

Most of my wedding packages are for 8  hours, this normally runs from getting ready through to first dance. There are also 10 hour wedding packages which would lead onto 2 hours extra of dancing and celebrations. Photos during this time can make for some brilliant images!

How long does it take before we get to see them?

A couple of days after the wedding I will post my favourite picture onto my blog for you to see. Within 4-6 weeks you will then receive your finished images on your personal online proofing gallery. You will receive all your images on USB Flash drive to keep and we can talk over any additional purchases/Albums you may like to purchase

Do you do those fantastic printed albums I’ve seen? And if we get products from you how long will we have to wait for them?

If you have chosen a package to include Albums, these albums are designed by me. Once the design has been made, a proof for you to see will be sent out. Depending on complexity of album, how many changes you want to be made. It will usually take 8-10 weeks after proof is finalised.

Canvas and prints please allow 2-3 weeks.

Album packages please visit: Wedding Albums By Lauz Photography

Why should we choose you?

My outlook to wedding photography is quite different from the standard UK photographer. I have been heavily influenced by American photographers and their work in sunny climates. I love light, dreamy, fairytale pictures. Imagine if it was a dull, grey day I would use my technical ability to make that day bright, light and gorgeous!! I love what I do, I cannot wait for your wedding day, and I want to show the beauty of your day to its full potential. Not only do I capture an image in my imagination but I bring the beauty of you out and make you feel at ease with my relaxed approach and friendliness.

“I hate myself in photographs!”
You may think you’re not photogenic, but I am not there for a fashion shoot or to make you Britain’s next top model. I am there to tell the story of your wedding and for that story to live on in memories throughout generations. I believe you are at your best when you are relaxed and enjoying your day. Let’s be honest, you will never look better than the day you are a bride and I am certain you will love what you see. I do find however, most of my brides and grooms like little pointers/tips on posture and posing to bring out the best in their pictures.

Will my Tan look as good in the pictures?

My style is Bright, Light and dreamy. To do this I use a high exposure to create the light in the pictures. When the pictures are light, your face will also be lighter.. the same scenario as when you look at someone in a dark room to a brightley lit room. To make your face and tan darker, the pictures would be dark. So this all depends on the light.

I bet your prices are expensive, will I be able to afford your services?

I here so many people say ‘my cousin does a bit of photography, he said he will do it for £200’ I cannot stress how difficult it is to photograph a wedding. There are so many factors:

  1. Managing your time
  2. Managing the people
  3. Remembering order of day
  4. Dealing with changing environment and light
  5. Changing your technical ability to suit the environment, whilst  framing the picture correctly and capturing important events as they happen
  6. Understanding your couple’s needs
  7. Interacting well with guests
  8. Being discreet yet focused and reliable
  9. Create beautiful natural images whilst interacting with couple to make them feel at ease, not plonking them in front of a wall and saying ‘smile’
  10. Post editing to make every picture an Art.

To do all these things at once and to get the perfect collection of images from that day sounds like an impossible task – it is too many. As a professional Wedding photographer, I am well experienced to do this task.

I love your work but your prices are over my budget.

Ask yourself a few important questions. After the wedding is over, what am I going to have left?

Answer: Your pictures. Everything else is going to be forgotten and only remembered through your photographs. According to surveys, the number one regret married couples had is that they wished they would have invested more money on their wedding photography. Think about this, when the music over, the food is gone, and flowers are dead, your wedding pictures are the only thing left to bring back those memories and the irony is that most people spend more on flowers or food than their wedding photography. Your wedding album will last long past your wedding day and then passed down to your children and grandchildren. If your wedding pictures are important to you, don’t you think wedding photography should be a place in your budget where you give priority too? At least 10% of your wedding budget should be set aside for the photography.

Do you travel?

Yes, I have covered weddings throughout the UK and abroad including, Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Middlesex, Kent, Chichester, Essex, Manchester, Leicester, Ireland, Dublin, Rhodes, Greece, Dubai, and Tenerife. Wherever your wedding photography is needed, I can organise a suitable package.

Are you insured?

Yes. I have Liability Insurance to cover all aspects.

How do we pay you?

I take 20% deposit at the time of booking with the remainder a month prior to the wedding. I accept bank transfer, cheque or cash.

We might need you again in a years time if a baby comes along! Can  you provide this type of photography?

Not only do I provide wedding photography but I can also offer portrait sessions (lovely beauty pictures of you to give to your fiancé as a present), newborn and family portraits, wedding anniversaries, you name it – I’m sure I can photograph it!

How do I book you?

Ring me on 07803 069594 or email me at  and we can book a date to meet up and chat about your future wedding.